In this section you’ll learn about adding new devices and configuring them.

In NiTO you create “Devices” to be monitored. A single Device is a collection of checks that come pre-configured out-of-the-box. For example, when you add an SNMP device, let’s say a 48 port switch, NiTO detects all of its ports/interfaces and monitors all of them for RX, TX, MAC addresses, and IP addresses; that’s 192 metrics being monitored automatically for one host, and without individual configuration.

There are 3 classes of devices:

  • Agent – software that you install on a Windows or Unix/Linux for deep, high-resolution metrics.
  • Peer – check(s) that are performed by an agent against another host that it can reach from inside your network (no need to poke inbound holes in your network from the public Internet).
  • External – check(s) that are performed by NiTO’s own servers, usually with the option to choose from multiple geographical locations around the world.