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Start for free at any time and add up to 5 servers/workstations; SNMP-devices; or web-based checks, with 24-hour retention, for one user, and support through our community. Need more?

6 easy steps to get started

Step 1/6 - Choose your devices

Simply enter the count of each type of device in your infrastructure and let us do the math.

*You must have internal access to a VM-guest to install the agent for high-resolution data. Don't count the same machine(s) in both the high-res. guest and 'Servers' fields. A VM-guest with an agent installed can monitor its own host, and workstations can monitor VM-hosts, however, it's recommended that a separate and always-on agent monitor VM-hosts.

Step 2/6 - Choose your methods of notification

Get what you need to know on your terms. Have NiTO notifications delivered to your inbox, or prioritize specific devices and problems with an SMS or phone call.

Step 3/6 - Choose your data retention

Find out what occurred while you slept with NiTO's free 24 hour data retention cycle, or upgrade to Professional for 3-15 months of historical data.

Step 4/6 - Need multiple users?

NiTO Free is here to support the heroic solo user, or upgrade to Professional to provide actionable insights and granular access for your entire IT team.

Step 5/6 - Need reports?

For monitoring of small, personal networks, NiTO Free provides you with everything at-a-glance, or choose Professional reporting to let all those who need to know… well, know what they need.

Step 6/6 - Need direct support?

We all need a hand from time to time. Access NiTO's support pages at any time - but if you need to speak to a human, Professional Support is there when you need it.

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