In NiTO you can define who gets notifications, what devices they’re generated for, when and why they’re generated, and how notifications are delivered. We’ll cover each of these topics in more detail in the following pages:

  • Who – Users and Contact Groups that are associated with the device may receive notifications depending on which severities the users are scheduled for.
  • What – Alarms and notification settings are defined in a Rule Set and apply to any device that is associated with it. A device may be associated with multiple Rule Sets and may have device-specific alarm overrides in each Rule Set.
  • When – An alarm may be configured so that it can only generate alerts and/or notifications during specific times, and users may be configured to only receive notifications during specific times.
  • Why – There is a wide variety of alarms that cover specific metrics. All alarms provide configurable conditions for triggering alerts and notifications.
  • How – Each user can be configured to receive notifications via one or more methods including email, SMS, or phone.